Friday, 31 March 2017

Sprites secret 40BC

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Title: Sprites Secret
Author: Tracey West
Illustrator: Tracey West
Genre: Adventure
This book is about: Violet a young girl who comes across a Pixie called Sprite who has come from the Otherworld.  His mission is to catch fourteen fairies who have escaped from the Otherworld.  He will have to use trickery to capture them. 

It is a good fit book for 7 - 8 year old girls.

literacy reflection T1 W9

This week for Literacy we have been doing our word work this is my slide for the week.I hope you enjoyed my blog post and my slide. By Charlotte.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Literacy reflection Term 1 wk7

This week this is my literacy. We had to write paragraphs about camp. I think this is a fun activity. It was easy for me. Next time I want to add some more details using the 5W's and an H. The best part was my first paragraph and here it is.

Numeracy, term 1 wk 7

This week in literacy we have been learning about face value and hundreds tens and ones. This activity was easy and fun. Next time i would like a more challenging one.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Here is my typing test result not good but its ok

Numeracy reflection

This week in numeracy we have been doing place value. Here is my place value. We had lots of fun doing our place value and I really hope you enjoyed my numeracy DLO.

Next week in numeracy I want to learn my Times Tables.