Friday, 1 December 2017

Shantytown reflection

Yesterday M1 and M2 went to Shantytown for the day and we all had fun and wished to go back again. We also felt like we were back in and 1866. We had to be polite and we also had to have back in the day hair. The boys had dressed up in Gentleman clothes and the girls had to dress up as Lady's which was a bummer because I looked like Dorthy and Alice in wonderland. The reason why I looked like Dorthy is because of the Hair and the dress. Thee reason I look like Alice in wonderland is the dress and apron. My dress was only Blue and had a really white apron!
First we meet the 2 teachers that work at Shantytown there names are: Miss Barber Miss Meres.
We also went on the train the girls had to hold a Boys hand that boy was Kash. We then went to the end of the track on the train then Mrs Barber choose 2 other boys to get the Lady's of the train they were LeBron and Cruz. Miss Barber had to tell us what way we had to go I had hold Cruz's hand YUCK!!
We got a group photo it was cool. There was gold that Miss Barber had she decided to give the gold to a Young Lady her name was Angelina. But she did not get to keep it. Then we went straight back to the Church and then we were just going to get talked to buy Miss Meres and as she was talking to us this man called we dont know until we all went inside the pub where he was found is name was Slim but only for the robbery we dont know his real name though. robed us he told us to go into the Church as fast as we can so we all rushed to the Church! He wanted Miss Barbers watch and the GOLD!! So he got it and then the inspector that we had took Slim to GAIL!! Then that was the end of the Roll-Play that they did then they got a big clap.We had to do a play to it was about a stolen by Alex C in the play he was my husband we were called Mr and Mrs Owen Wright.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Literacy Blog Post

This week for Literacy we have still been learning Fossils and Archaeology we had to do a doc on a review of Mary Anning it was a green sheet but we were allowed to change the color if we wanted to here is a link to my Sheet I only have 2 parts to do left but I don't think you guys will mind.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Numeracy Blog Post W3 T4

This week for Numeracy we have been learning about Shapes we had a demonstrator on how long a square is we all had to do it in our maths book it was fun our demonstrator Miss Reissmann  here is a link to my Link I hope you enjoyed that slide If you want to see more of my Blog Post's stay tuned

Literacy Blog Post T4 W3

This week for Literacy we have been learning about Fossils and Archaeology it is really interesting and I hope to do it again we had to do a KVL chart it was fun I got mine done here is a link to my KVL Chart I hope you enjoyed that chart I can't believe people would still be interested in Fossils and Archaeology my friend Billie-Jean is really into Fossils and Archaeology.
If you want to see my Numeracy Blog Post stay tuned to my Blog Post's.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Time with Madaline

Today Mamaku hub had a visitor that teaches us new things on our Chromebook today and Last week Madeline tought us about Picktochart. I enjoyed doing this and hope I get to do it again because it is really fun.
Here is a link to Picktochart make sure to use the top link.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Literacy reflection Blog Post

WALT: We were learning how to write an explanation. We learnt how to use key words and explain how the glass blower made a glass horse. This week we have been doing  a explanation writing on how to make a glass Horse. 
We had to do a explanation and a neat copy.
My explanation was OK and there was a few mistakes but Miss Reissmann let me get away with it and the one that I did was my neat copy.
Here is a Link to my explanation plan and here is my neat copy right here.
So if you want to see my numeracy Blog Post you need to stay tuned to see it.

Last day Term 3

Hi readers I am here with my end of Term Blog Post this is not the end that you will see me because we have 1 more term this year but I am just saying that I also hope you are going to have a good holiday if you are going to do the holiday program in the holiday at Runanga on the 1st week of the holidays I will see you there.
My goals for next term is to get all of my work completed and not get distracted on my work because work is more impotent then talking to your friends.